How To Pretend You Are Not Interested (Even If You Are!)

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Getting casual sex to work for you means that you know how to present yourself and get what you want from someone else without giving too much of yourself away. Using the right kind of language is part of it, as is playing it cool enough that she thinks you are a complete mystery. The mystery card is sometimes played too hard by some guys. They don’t even put down any interests, so any interested ladies have almost nothing to ask about. While it does give the man a lot of power in terms of leading the conversation, it does not spark much curiosity in ladies looking to hookup. You want it to be easy for them to link you, right? Well then give them an obvious reason to be into you without even saying a word to them.

dating tipsHow To Stay Mysterious

Online Dating Winks

Online Dating winks are the most common way for people to show interest in someone else without have ever spoken to them. Lot’s of winks are passed around each day. I probably get 25 every day on a good day, so it can be a lot to keep up with. But these winks are the secret to you succeeding at the hookup game.

If you get a wink from someone it’s important that you investigate right away and make an assessment. Is she someone you would potentially sleep with? If yes, then you have some work to do. If not, and it’s a recurring theme, then considering changing hookup sites to a affair dating site.

If you answered yes to the above question, then it’s crucial to make a move online. You don’t have to be direct, but you do have to make a move online for anything to happen. Here’s where it get’s tricky, because you do not want to be too bold or enthusiastic and scare her off. Everytime I say too much the lady get’s back to me with a sort of mild disinterest, as though I have presumed so much about her that I don’t know. Instead of trying to be overly enthusiastic, try instead to come off as mildly disinterested. Something along the lines of: “oh hi, I say you winked at me. That’s nice. You seem like a pretty cool person.”. At that point you can leave the message hang. Just send it and wait. Even if every bone in your body wants you to press on and ask about meeting up sometime – DON’T DO IT.

Think about it like an email chain. You can let the unspoken stuff hang around for a while as she get’s used to your style of writing. So she will get back and say that she really likes your profile, and then it’s your turn to bring things up a notch. Do you want to start asking her about her life? Do you want to tell her how sexy she looks? If you are like me, then you will always keep your questions to a bare minimum on the internet. Let the desire and interest in each other grow until she asks to meet up with you. Don’t you know that Keith Richards never asked a girl to have sex with him? He just waited for them to make all the moves, and his sexyness and silence is what drew so many beautiful ladies to him.

How Good Are Live Cams For Dating?

The live cam is the secret weapon in your dating arsenal – live cams are very good for dating. The best way to hook up with her is to make a couple funny jokes on the live cam, and then ask her to meet up soon. The trick is to be specific, because even if you don’t want to come across as too excited, you do want to come across as organized and to the point. The sites for this kind of dating are good for casual sex, so don’t get stuck in a message board you’re entire life.

The live cam will be tricky in that you don’t want to gush too much about how sexy you find her, and how great it would be too hook up ASAP. Most online dating women love a challenge, especially if it comes down to asking a guy to meet up with her in person. Let her do the heavy lifting in the conversation. It’s always best to answer with short, kind of witty remarks that make it seem like you are an artsy space cadet you could sit in his room and write all day if he didn’t have a penis. Those kinds of jokes will go over well, I promise.

So take some of this tips to heart and try to let the mystery of the internet lead her on and bring her to a breaking point where she just has to ask you out. Keith Richards would be proud of you.